Monday, November 9, 2009

Car Update

I just got off the phone with my claims adjuster.  The body shop (not The Body Shop) has come back with a higher estimate than the claims department.  And that higher estimate pushes my car into the "totaled" category.

I don't understand.  I admittedly know nothing about cars but there must be some serious frame damage.  The only things I could see that night were the two bumpers, the driver's seat, and maybe the trunk.  The original estimate was for ~$8400.  And that's not enough?

I am distraught.  I've only had the car for about 18 months.  There's no way it's worth what I owe on it.  That ridiculous gap (not Gap) insurance doesn't seem so ridiculous right about now.

I try to never buy shiny, brand new things.  Until my latest phone, I've always gotten the here-have-this-piece-of-trash-for-free-with-your-contract phones.  I didn't even want a new car when I bought it.  I wanted a nice 3-4 year-old used car.  But the interest rates made it roughly the same price to get a new one.  So I got a nice black '08 Ford Focus.  I really loved it (notice how I'm already switching to past tense at this point).  I used the free Sirius (not Sirius or Sirius ) radio for the free six months and then promptly didn't miss it once it was gone.  It also had a USB port with Sync so I could use a flash drive for music.  I tried that for the first time about a week before the wreck.

I guess this will teach me to buy shiny, new things.